Trouble in Paradise

Assault on Edan Base

After Action Report

The heroes, led by their outlaw leader, opted to first visit the command center in order to ascertain the damage done to the base and to receive direction from the base commander in light of the surprise attack visited upon them by the IMPERIAL NAVY.

Upon their arrival to the command center, they willingly took direction from BASE COMMANDER DRAYSON to evacuate the facility immediately. The group of rebels made haste to the guard bunker having deduced that an attempt to fly out of the base via starfighter was a fool’s errand in light of the fact that with the existence of the Victory-class STAR DESTROYER, SUBJUGATOR, they would no doubt encounter a great deal of difficulty retreating by air.

Exiting through the guard bunker was no easy matter, however, as a group of four IMPERIAL SCOUT TROOPERS lied in wait for any rebels attempting an escape from that source of entry. A firefight quickly ensued. Blaster shots were traded with a few of the scout troopers overwhelmed by the accuracy of the rebel team. The minor jedi leapt into action as well with lightsaber ignited. Trusting to the FORCE, he made quick work of one of the troopers. Noting that the odds were in their favor, the group’s diplomet negotiated a truce with the sergeant of the IMPERIAL strike force.

Having left the scout troopers bound to a tree and much less encumbered with their gear, the rebels retreated into the recesses of EDAN II’s dense forest. However, moments after their first victory against the EMPIRE and unbeknownst to the rest of her party, the young and naive senatorial returned to release her captives. Unquestioningly, the remaining Imperial soldiers departed the area surrounding the destroyed REBEL BASE to rendezvous with the rest of the invading army…



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