Trouble in Paradise

Act I: Assault on Edan Base

Let's Get Ready To Rumble!

Captain Kolaff stood on the Subjugator’s bridge. His Victory-class Imperial Star Destroyer hung like a silent giant over the planet below. Behind him, officers and technicians in crew pits were working furiously at their controls.

Several TIE fighters flew past the viewport as the Subjugator maneuvered into orbit. They had found no Rebel ships in the system, but were screening the Star Destroyer in case the Alliance tried to spring a surprise attack.

An Imperial Army officer approached the Captain. “Colonel Deers. We are orbiting Edan II, site of a hidden Rebel base and…well, other objectives of Imperial interest.”

“Sir, I have prepared my troops for a ground assault…” the Colonel began.

Captain Kolaff raised a hand to silence the officer. “That will be unnecessary.”

“But. sir, our reconnaissance probe droid showed the base is protected by a shield. They also have an ion cannon – should they choose to evacuate. we would have little chance of catching them.”

“I have taken care of that” Captain Kolaff said. “’We have a spy within who will ensure the shield isdown and the ion cannon disabled when we begin our bombardment.”

“Should I prepare a small advanced force to move in once the shields are down?” Colonel Deers asked. “Perhaps a squad of troopers with an armed shuttle – they can bottle up any fleeing Rebels until the heavier assault equipment arrives’”

Kolaff stroked his bearded chin. “Very good idea, Colonel. Make sure they stay a good distance from the base at first. My turbolaser batteries will turn the target into a pile of rubble.”

“I will prepare an expeditionary force at once,” Colonel Deers said.

“Yes. Keep the rest of your troops on standby. They will track down any fugitives. You are in charge of all planetside operations. All areas of strategic importance must be occupied once we have destroyed the Rebel Base.”

Captain Kolaff dismissed Colonel Deers, then turned to a senior bridge officer. “Charge all turbolaser batteries and standby. You will commence the bombardment on my mark.”



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