Trouble in Paradise

To Catch A Tiger By The Tale

After Action Report

Days following the IMPERIAL ATTACK on the Rebel base on Edan II, refugee members of the Alliance to Restore the Republic make a dangerous trek through the Edan northern continent’s picturesque though dangerous forested landscape. Moments after awakening on the fourth day of their journey to the nearest rendezvous point, the team of intrepid REBELS are set upon by one of indigenous species of the planet, the dreaded EDAN SNOWTIGER. EdanTiger-IAG.jpgA pack of the wild and hungry beasts pounces on the HEROES from behind cover of the trees. Relying on quick instincts and even quicker thinking, the Rebel team blasts their way out of the feline trap, however. Dodging her way out of the path of one of the vicious beasts, the young senatorial Taffey, determines that the best way out of this potentially fatal situation is to rely on her background and training as a xenomorph handler. As the angry TIGER attempts a second strike on the resourceful REBEL it becomes distracted from its intended prey by the offering of an alternate form of sustenance, rations from Taffey’s survival pack. While in the process of consuming the food provided, Taffey calms the ravenous CREATURE with her dulcet tones and with cautious caresses. Soon enough, the tiger is becalmed and further becomes friendly with the lady senator. With this sitaution diffused and having all other obstacles removed and now not a little meat to sustain them longer while they make their way through the Edan terrain…



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