Trouble in Paradise

Sneaky Suspicions
After Action Report

Fresh from their ferocious engagement with one of Edan’s indigenous predators, the dreaded EDAN SNOWTIGER, the exhausted heroes face yet another pair of life threatening obstacles along their journey to one of four possible rendevouz points on the planet, starvation and dehydration. Undeterred by the possibility of becoming hopelessly lost, the HEROES travel eastward based on their collective memories of what might be one of the few established settlements on the northern continent. Deep within the lush forest they soon come upon a newly established forward operating base of the IMPERIAL ARMY complete with a troop of Imperial scouts and a communications array linked with the orbiting STAR DESTROYER, the Subjugator. Noting the opportunity for re-supplying themselves with needed provisions and helpful equipment, the band of REBELS hatch a plan to infiltrate the campsite and go unnoticed while at the same time, cripple the communications array with an act of sabotage. The youngest of the group easily avoids detection by the scout trooper guard walking the perimeter and enters the tent. Moments later he is rewarded with survival rations and life-saving water. Each in kind, the noble and the minor Jedi successfully manage to sneak into the supply tent and return to their own camp richer for their efforts all while avoiding detection. Unable to pass on the possibility of quickening the group’s journey through the forest, a fourteen-day trek on foot, the group’s reptilian-like alien attempts a bold theft, that of an unmanned Imperial Scout Trooper SPEEDER BIKE. Stopping first to disable the communications array and thus rob the troopers of the ability to call in for air support, the alien stealthily makes his way over to the bike. Having successfully ignited the engine and thus bringing the machine to roaring life, the alien makes a rapid escape into the forest before the SCOUT TROOPER guard has a chance to react. The Imperials, however, were not without another form of transport, a heavily armed and armored LANDSPEEDER and before long conducted their own search operation for the midnight thieves. As the Imperials come within line of sight, each hero takes cover in the dense forest and escape detection. Emboldened by their success, the Rebel band hatches another plan in order to increase both their travel rate and their capacity to carry the goods recently acquired, the theft of the armored speeder! Waiting once more until the evening hours so that they might conduct their operations under cover of darkness, the kid takes the initiative to carry out the first phase of the plan, the diversion. With a simple toss of a rock, the two scout troopers now walking the perimeter are alerted to the presence of the Rebel thieves and upon the insistence by the Imperial officer attempting repairs on the array are ordered to investigate. As quick as an Edan tiger, the alien bounty hunter moves in closer to the speeder, close enough to occupy it. Repeating his last effort to activate the engine, the alien once again removes the speeder from the possession of the Imperials leaving them without a means to conduct any further operations without support from the orbiting Star Destroyer. And not much chance of that any time soon with an inoperable communications array…

To Catch A Tiger By The Tale
After Action Report

Days following the IMPERIAL ATTACK on the Rebel base on Edan II, refugee members of the Alliance to Restore the Republic make a dangerous trek through the Edan northern continent’s picturesque though dangerous forested landscape. Moments after awakening on the fourth day of their journey to the nearest rendezvous point, the team of intrepid REBELS are set upon by one of indigenous species of the planet, the dreaded EDAN SNOWTIGER. EdanTiger-IAG.jpgA pack of the wild and hungry beasts pounces on the HEROES from behind cover of the trees. Relying on quick instincts and even quicker thinking, the Rebel team blasts their way out of the feline trap, however. Dodging her way out of the path of one of the vicious beasts, the young senatorial Taffey, determines that the best way out of this potentially fatal situation is to rely on her background and training as a xenomorph handler. As the angry TIGER attempts a second strike on the resourceful REBEL it becomes distracted from its intended prey by the offering of an alternate form of sustenance, rations from Taffey’s survival pack. While in the process of consuming the food provided, Taffey calms the ravenous CREATURE with her dulcet tones and with cautious caresses. Soon enough, the tiger is becalmed and further becomes friendly with the lady senator. With this sitaution diffused and having all other obstacles removed and now not a little meat to sustain them longer while they make their way through the Edan terrain…

Assault on Edan Base
After Action Report

The heroes, led by their outlaw leader, opted to first visit the command center in order to ascertain the damage done to the base and to receive direction from the base commander in light of the surprise attack visited upon them by the IMPERIAL NAVY.

Upon their arrival to the command center, they willingly took direction from BASE COMMANDER DRAYSON to evacuate the facility immediately. The group of rebels made haste to the guard bunker having deduced that an attempt to fly out of the base via starfighter was a fool’s errand in light of the fact that with the existence of the Victory-class STAR DESTROYER, SUBJUGATOR, they would no doubt encounter a great deal of difficulty retreating by air.

Exiting through the guard bunker was no easy matter, however, as a group of four IMPERIAL SCOUT TROOPERS lied in wait for any rebels attempting an escape from that source of entry. A firefight quickly ensued. Blaster shots were traded with a few of the scout troopers overwhelmed by the accuracy of the rebel team. The minor jedi leapt into action as well with lightsaber ignited. Trusting to the FORCE, he made quick work of one of the troopers. Noting that the odds were in their favor, the group’s diplomet negotiated a truce with the sergeant of the IMPERIAL strike force.

Having left the scout troopers bound to a tree and much less encumbered with their gear, the rebels retreated into the recesses of EDAN II’s dense forest. However, moments after their first victory against the EMPIRE and unbeknownst to the rest of her party, the young and naive senatorial returned to release her captives. Unquestioningly, the remaining Imperial soldiers departed the area surrounding the destroyed REBEL BASE to rendezvous with the rest of the invading army…

Act I: Assault on Edan Base
Let's Get Ready To Rumble!

Captain Kolaff stood on the Subjugator’s bridge. His Victory-class Imperial Star Destroyer hung like a silent giant over the planet below. Behind him, officers and technicians in crew pits were working furiously at their controls.

Several TIE fighters flew past the viewport as the Subjugator maneuvered into orbit. They had found no Rebel ships in the system, but were screening the Star Destroyer in case the Alliance tried to spring a surprise attack.

An Imperial Army officer approached the Captain. “Colonel Deers. We are orbiting Edan II, site of a hidden Rebel base and…well, other objectives of Imperial interest.”

“Sir, I have prepared my troops for a ground assault…” the Colonel began.

Captain Kolaff raised a hand to silence the officer. “That will be unnecessary.”

“But. sir, our reconnaissance probe droid showed the base is protected by a shield. They also have an ion cannon – should they choose to evacuate. we would have little chance of catching them.”

“I have taken care of that” Captain Kolaff said. “’We have a spy within who will ensure the shield isdown and the ion cannon disabled when we begin our bombardment.”

“Should I prepare a small advanced force to move in once the shields are down?” Colonel Deers asked. “Perhaps a squad of troopers with an armed shuttle – they can bottle up any fleeing Rebels until the heavier assault equipment arrives’”

Kolaff stroked his bearded chin. “Very good idea, Colonel. Make sure they stay a good distance from the base at first. My turbolaser batteries will turn the target into a pile of rubble.”

“I will prepare an expeditionary force at once,” Colonel Deers said.

“Yes. Keep the rest of your troops on standby. They will track down any fugitives. You are in charge of all planetside operations. All areas of strategic importance must be occupied once we have destroyed the Rebel Base.”

Captain Kolaff dismissed Colonel Deers, then turned to a senior bridge officer. “Charge all turbolaser batteries and standby. You will commence the bombardment on my mark.”

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